Zack Pollack is a motivational speaker focused on anti-bullying, inclusion, living with a disability and staying positive!


Custom Motivational Programs for Schools, Colleges, Nonprofits, Corporate Groups & More

I became a motivational speaker to tell people that there will inevitably be challenges in life but with hard work and determination, they too can overcome their obstacles. We have to remain positive and not let life’s difficulties bring us down and keep us down. We must view our challenges simply as obstacles to be overcome and through which we can learn and grow stronger.

Challenges appear to weaken us, however…Challenges build strength of character and belief…. Belief leads to perseverance…and Perseverance leads to success.

Motivational Programs for Everyone


Public and private students at all levels appreciate Zack's message of inclusion and inspiration. Programs are available at varying lengths and for elementary and secondary levels.


Reasonable speaking rates and flexible formats help not-for-profits benefit from programs designed for both constituents and employees


Help employees build character and improve their understanding of others through Zack's unique speaking programs.

Colleges & Universities

According to a 2006 study, students who interact with diverse peers are more self confident and exhibit higher critical thinking skills. Programs are available for student orientation, on-campus organizations and more.



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